Pool Rebel

Pool Rebel 2.2

Small realistic pool game with different pool styles


  • Realistic graphics and sound
  • Supports several pool types
  • Play against CPU, a friend or online
  • Customizable characters and pool tables


  • Difficult controls
  • Window is too small

Very good

Feel like a pool game? Now you don't need to go to the nearest pool hall anymore; simply run Pool Rebel on your computer!

Pool Rebel is a small pool game that lets you play several varieties of pool: 8-ball US, 8-ball UK, 9-ball, 14.1 and one pocket. I'm not into the pool world that much, but I still think this is a decent choice of pool games. Plus, you can choose to play against the computer, another friend on the same PC or someone else around the globe on an online game.

Pool Rebel features decent graphics, but they're not the most best ones I've seen in a pool game. The incredibly small interface – which, oddly enough, can't be resized – doesn't help either. Sounds are quite realistic though, and add to the game.

As for gameplay, I'd strongly advise you to use the mouse and click the on-screen controls, as keyboard controls are very confusing. Even after customizing key combinations, I found the game easier to control with the mouse. Bear in mind you can tweak angle, power and the point where your cue will touch the ball in order to get perfect shots!

Pool Rebel is a simple, windowed pool game with several pool and snooker options and an annoyingly small interface.

Pool Rebel


Pool Rebel 2.2

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